What You Should Look for in Heat Transfer Solutions

Advice and Tips | junio 11, 2018

Sometimes looking for the right product manufacturer is no fun. It can feel like the company you are working with doesn’t care about the ultimate success of what you and your company are trying to accomplish. You may also have trouble getting the particular assistance you need, as though just providing a product from a catalog is enough. And sometimes you’re even left without information that could have helped you to select more products that would be valuable to your customers.

At Advanced Industrial Components (AIC), we understand. That’s why we want to help you know what to look for from a provider of heat transfer solutions. These qualities represent the level of service you should expect from a reputable product manufacturer.

The simplest definition of service is “an act of helpful activity”. The reason we want to define it is because so many people assume that service is only the job of service businesses. There’s no reason, however, that companies not specifically in the hospitality industry can’t also be helpful to their customers.

Now that you know you shouldn’t settle for less in your interactions with product manufacturers, let’s look at the qualities that indicate a reputable heat transfer solutions company.

They provide more than just a heat exchanger

Heat exchangers are complicated products that perform a wide range of heat transfer functions. They come in multiple styles, sizes, and heat transfer capacities. And some are better suited to certain circumstances or environments than others. That means that selling a heat exchanger requires a certain level of in depth knowledge.

The company that provides your heat exchangers should be willing to pay attention to you in order to provide you with all the information you need regarding the products. Answering questions and providing information is what we mean by a complete heat transfer solution, and a complete solution is exactly what you should be looking for.

They have availability for assistance

When you’re working with heat exchangers, a complicated piece of equipment, you may run across questions or need more information. That means you want to work with a company that is available to answer your questions, either by email or phone. It’s important that live people are on the other end, ready to respond to your inquiries.

The people on the other end of your inquiries should also be willing to listen to you and understand your particular heat transfer application, instead of just responding with a generic answer. With all the different possible applications, it’s important that you get the information that pertains specifically to how you or your customers are using heat exchangers.

They offer the best product possible

The best heat transfer companies continually learn more about their market and look for innovative engineering designs deepened by years of experience. Especially because the applications of heat exchangers are ever changing, it’s important to be proactive with state-of-the-art, leading edge technology.

Heat transfer companies simply cannot have a “one-size-fits-all” mentality when it comes to their products. If the company doesn’t sell what you need, and they try to offer you a product that doesn’t quite meet your specifications, you should look elsewhere.

You want to find a manufacturer that is well stocked with a variety of plate, tubular, and coiled heat exchangers. They should also have the capability to provide you with custom-designed and built-to-order solutions.

They go the extra mile

A lot of factors go into getting the product from the manufacturer to where you need it. That’s why every bit of help you get along the way is valuable. Here are some other things to look for that show a company is willing to take that extra step for you.

  • Private labeling of your products so you can enhance marketing and protect your brand
  • Allowing you to use warehouse space and drop-ship services if you don’t have room for stocking heat exchange products
  • In-house engineers and one-on-one learning opportunities to make sure you get the right products for your applications
  • Certified shops to custom fabricate your own vessel designs

At AIC, we make sure to provide the ultimate value to our customers by following all of these best practices. We won’t just work for you; we’ll work together with you. Call us today for information.