Cobrex Double Wall Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Copper Heat Exchanger

Cobrex is a straight shell and double-wall tube heat exchanger with leak detection . A one-pass vertical design, constructed entirely out of pure copper with internally corrugated tubes and closely spaced directional baffles for a maximum heat transfer.

Cobrex is an ideal solution for tankless instantaneous and semi-instantaneous hot water generation.

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Unique Double Wall System

Double-wall tube with leak detection offers a higher safety degree in case of tube wall breach.

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Features and Benefits
  • Compact footprint with high heat transfer
  • 100% copper complete welded construction
  • Double wall tubes and double tubesheet with leak detection
  • Vertical mounting with quick and easy installation
  • Internally grooved tubes and directional baffles to enhance turbulent flow
  • ¬†Counterflow one-pass design
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Biofouling resistance and antimicrobial properties
  • Fraction of the weight of a typical double-wall u-tube exchanger of equal capacity
  • Victaulic , Flange or NPT connections
  • Easily connected in parallel or series arrangements


  • Steam condenser
  • Domestic water heating by steam or boiler water
  • Instantaneous hot water heater
  • HVAC systems
  • Solar thermal water systems
  • Breweries

The product information and literature on this website are intended as a guideline for general purposes only. Models, dimensions, and operational parameters are subject to change at AIC's discretion. Contact AIC directly for updated design specifications.

Cobrex Technical Product Specifications

Cobrex 30 Cobrex 60
in mm in mm
A 42.51 1079.7 42.51 1079.7
B 24.6 624.6 24.6 624.6
C 4.7 120 4.7 120
D 5.6 141.4 5.6 141.4
E 1.5   2  
F 2   2  
G 9   3  
lbs kg lbs kg
79 36 95 43

Standard Design Parameters
Tubes Shell
Temperature 176 °C 350 °F 120 °C 250 °F
Pressure 11 160 10 150

Materials of Construction

Copper: Shell, Tubes, Heads, Victaulic Nozzles

Stainless Steel: Flanges, NPT Connections