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Need Help Picking a Heat Exchanger? That’s What We’re Here For

Advice and Tips | April 30, 2018

Would you buy the same collar for a German shepherd and a chihuahua? Clearly not. The two collars would be very similar, but the two dogs would require quite different fits. It’s the same with heat exchangers. If you think all heat exchangers are the same, then you may be surprised to discover the huge range of options.

Of course, we don’t blame you if you’re not yet well-versed in heat exchanger technical knowledge. It’s not exactly common learning material.

The good news is that we’re here to help you get the expertise you need. It starts right here, right now, because you are about to discover a few strategies for determining the right heat exchangers for the job to be completed. In this article, you’ll find out:

  • Criteria for picking the right heat exchanger size.
  • A few of the different types of heat exchangers available.
  • How to sign up for our handy Lunch-and-Learn sessions for more information.

Let’s get started.


Determining heat exchanger size

One of the most important aspects in selecting a heat exchanger is the size of the exchanger. To determine the size, you need to first understand the function a heat exchanger performs. It does not create heat, it transfers heat. Because of this, you need to understand the functions and components of the rest of the system it will be attached to.

There are 4 minimum things to look at when selecting a size:

  1. Operating flow rates for the hot and/or cold side,
  2. Inlet temperatures of the hot and/or cold side,
  3. Outlet/exit temperatures of the hot and/or cold side, and
  4. Total heat load.

Each size of AIC heat exchanger is designed to function within certain heat loads. You should also take into consideration future heat transfer needs. If the system where the exchanger will be placed may have a greater heat load in the future, it’s best to go with a scalable option that will handle future needs.


Types of heat exchangers available

Here are just a few of the types of heat exchangers we offer at AIC:

  • Copper and nickel brazed plate exchangers – single and double wall,
  • Gasket plate & frame heat exchangers,
  • Vertical JAD stainless steel exchangers,
  • Sanitary food grade exchangers, and
  • Corrosion-resistant marine grade exchangers.

Don’t know what kind of heat exchanger you need for your business? No problem. We offer in-depth Lunch-and-Learn sessions for new and existing clients, to make sure you have the information you need about AIC heat exchangers.


Lunch-and-Learn sessions

Learn more about AIC heat exchangers at our Lunch-and-Learn sessions.

If you don’t know the difference between conventional heat exchangers and AIC’s variety of unique heat exchangers for specialized environments, you will after one of these sessions. You’ll also know exactly what kind of heat exchanger is right for the needs of your business.

Who can attend?

Whether you are an engineering consulting firm, a distributor or wholesaler, a large maintenance facility, or a sales company interested in representing AIC heat transfer products, please feel free to visit our official website at, contact an AIC associate by phone at (905) 829-4666, or send an online inquiry to schedule in your next AIC ‘Lunch-and-Learn’ Session.

What will the sessions be about?

You will be introduced to AIC’s large and diverse selection of heat transfer product lines. Throughout the presentation, you will develop a better understanding of the particulars of each type of heat transfer product, and how and where to utilize them in the marketplace. Participants will learn how to navigate through AIC’s online heat exchanger sizing program, or at the least, identify the requirements necessary to properly size a heat exchanger.

Similarly, AIC can tailor the sessions according to your needs, concentrating on your particular areas of interest.

How often do we give Lunch-and-Learn presentations?

Because these heat exchanger presentations are given for interested clients or prospective clients, that means we provide them whenever you need them. The sessions are by request, so you can schedule a session when you’re ready. Let us know what days and times work best for you.

Where are Lunch-and-Learn sessions held?

Don’t worry about special directions or making time for an extra commute during your workday. Our representatives come to you for Lunch-and-Learn sessions. We’re happy to give the presentation wherever is convenient for you, so just let us know where we should arrive.

These are your training sessions, so go ahead and ask any questions you may have. AIC technical associates will tailor their training to the needs of you and your company.

Schedule a Lunch-and-Learn session with an AIC Technical Assistant by emailing