Hate Cold Pool Water? Find Out How to Heat Your Swimming Pool Efficiently

Advice and Tips | April 20, 2018
TW Heat Exchangers

Few things are as anticipated with the coming of warm weather as a relaxing dip in the pool. And do you know what the one thing is that can make it even better? Sinking into a pool that is just the right temperature, not a shock of frost on a spring day.

Getting a pool to the right temperature means using a pool heater and a heat exchanger. But how do you know which type of heat exchanger to use? There are several different varieties, including exchangers from our B-Line, M-Line, TW-Line, and AM/AP-Line.

B-Line, M-Line, TW-Line, AM/AP-Line—what do they all mean?

Let’s talk a bit about the lines of heat exchangers we have available at AIC for swimming pools.

Heat exchange solutions for any project

Whether you’re installing a new pool or replacing the heater in an existing pool, you’ll want a new heat exchanger to help your project last. AIC heat exchangers can be used with either boilers or water heaters.

And they’re not just for swimming pools. These heat exchangers are also a perfect solution for hot tubs.

Types of swimming pool heat exchangers

AIC heat exchangers are suitable for both residential and commercial swimming pools. Here’s a rundown of the exchangers we carry for heating pools.


AIC’s B-Line of pool heat exchangers is a rugged, shell & straight tube, stainless steel SS316L complete welded construction. With nominal capacities ranging from 45,000 – 1,200,000 Btu/Hr, it’s the tested, ’go-to’ product, for all your chlorinated swimming pool needs. Also available in complete welded titanium.


Have salinated or salt water pools, hot tubs, or spas, potentially corrosive to stainless steel? No problem. AIC’s M-Line is constructed of a welded, super austenitic alloy, engineered for such applications. With its robust design, effective for use with high fluid velocities and low pressure drops, the M-Line consistently delivers, time and again.


AIC’s TW-Line, a welded shell & coil hybrid, is an innovation for the most demanding of environments. With an inner coil that maximizes the heat transfer area in a compact setting, it not only allows for the closest of temperature approaches and largest heat transfer differential, but also acts as a shock absorber. And did we mention that it was completely welded in titanium?


There are conditions when only a plate exchanger will do. AIC’s AM/AP-Line of gasket plate & frames for the pool industry is a strong, sturdy performer. Its wide range of sizes makes it suitable for large commercial use. Removable plates & gaskets for ease of maintenance. Also available with ASME rating.

Ask for advice

If you’re still not sure which heat exchange solution you need for your pool, don’t be afraid to ask us! Our technical associates can help you understand what kind of heat capacity each exchanger can handle.

We keep our swimming pool heat exchange solutions in-stock and ready for installation. Give us a call to find out about getting one for your pool and getting ready for swimming season.